Traits of Lioness is a one-of-a-kind transportation company that caters to a diverse group of people, from veterans to retirees to young persons. We provide non-emergency transport, doctor’s visits, hospital discharge, wheelchair transportation, and more.

We understand our clients’ desire for financial stability in the case of their loved one’s death, illness, or accident, so we help them accomplish it by creating passive income through various productive investments. We are dedicated to giving our clients the finest possible results and satisfying their specific requirements.

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Investment And Insurance

Is your source of income secure? What are your plans if you get unwell for an extended period? If your portfolio does not earn compound interest, you are losing a lot of money.

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We have expertise in financial and investment planning, establishing economic models and business strategies, and evaluating the sustainability of investment projects. Our extensive industry experience helps us quickly grasp your financial complexities and assess your development prospects.

We operate as an Independent Licensed life, accident, and health agent with the mission to help families make better decisions with their finances. We provide insurance and financial services to families in need. We are passionate about our work and take great pride in helping families reach their financial goals. We strongly advocate financial literacy and encourage our clients to use our resources and knowledge. We strive to provide the best possible service to our clients. We are the trusted advisor and trusted source of information for all of our clients.

Are you trying to figure out which insurance is best for you?

When it comes to long-term financial security, it’s critical to work with providers and financial specialists you can trust. At Trait of Lioness, we understand your financial beliefs and ensure to have a track record of being there when you need them.

Our expert financial professionals will provide you with their expertise in choosing the best life insurance for you. To examine your specific circumstances, get in touch now!

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We help you achieve financial stability and fight financial ignorance by consulting with you on:

  • Financial Misinformation of the Middle Class
  • Why Do 95% Of America End Up Poor?
  • How To Fix It

Discover the hidden truth about Social Security with us!

When social security initially started, the ratio was 42 to 1, but do you know that now the social security ratio is 3 to 1 and expected to reduce to 2 to 1? So are you satisfied with your current portfolios? Is your portfolio having all you need? Are you ready for your life journey? If not, contact us today so we can help get you on the right track! We’re here to help you every step of the way! Contact us today!

Group Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance is a type of life insurance in which the employer arranges for his employees’ Group Life insurance through an insurance firm, either out of his own cash or by collecting the payment from the employees. In the same way, if an insured employee dies, his death claim is paid to the employer, who then pays the person’s family / legal heirs.

What are the benefits of purchasing group life insurance?

People prefer group life insurance because of its cost-effectiveness. Members of a group usually pay very little, if anything at all. Premiums are deducted from their total weekly or monthly profits. Group insurance is simple to qualify for, and all group members are guaranteed coverage.

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Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance, often known as pure life insurance, is a form of life insurance that ensures the payment of a given death benefit if the insured person dies within a certain period. When the term life insurance policy expires, the policyholder can renew it for another term, convert it to permanent coverage, or allow the policy to lapse. Term insurance usually expires in 10 to 30 years; however, the maximum term life goes up to 65years

Basic Term Life Insurance: This is frequently an employer-paid coverage option supplied for a specific length of time and offers critical financial protection to your beneficiaries.

Supplemental Term Life Insurance: An employee-paid coverage option that allows you to add more coverage as your needs change. Coverage for dependents, spouses, and domestic partners may be offered.

Dependent Term Life Insurance: This plan covers your spouse, domestic partner, civil union partner, and qualified children.

Please remember that these are some insurance plans for your future sustainability. To analyze your requirements, learn more about our insurance alternatives, and chat with our qualified financial advisor.

Whole Life

Whole life insurance is permanent life insurance that protects your loved ones and your finances in the future. Whole life insurance plans provide two main benefits: a guaranteed death benefit given to your dependents if you pay the premiums and a cash value that may be withdrawn or borrowed from throughout your lifetime and can exceed 100 years.

Whole life premiums can be five to fifteen times more than term plans with the same death benefit, but they may not be a viable alternative for people on a tight budget.

  • Whole life insurance has no expiration date.
  • Whole life insurance premiums remain unchanged.
  • Whole life insurance has a cash value component.
  • Whole life insurance plans can pay out dividends.
Index Universal Life Insurance

Indexed universal life insurance is permanent, meaning it lasts for the rest of your life and accumulates monetary value. Unlike other universal plans that exclusively develop cash value through non-equity earning rates, Indexed universal life insurance provides for some cash value growth through an equity index account. Like with all universal life plans, you can utilize your cash value to lessen or even totally pay for your premium without affecting your death benefit.

Your life is full of journeys. You need to make the best decision for your future. The time to make the best decision is now. Index Universal Life insurance gives people flexibility and liquidity to achieve financial stability.

How Can We Help?
We use cost-effective economic models to devise medium- and long-term investment strategies.

We help our clients achieve financial stability by offering life insurance, annuities, retirement-related services, mutual funds, and investment management services. We aspire to provide long-term value to our clients by adhering to sound business principles that are compatible with our purpose, led by our vision, and guided by our core values.

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Most individuals require insurance, whether they work in retail, construction, or the financial sector. It aids in protecting the livelihood they have fought so hard to establish.

Who Should Get Life Insurance and How Does It Help Build Wealth?

Life insurance plans are especially beneficial for people who want to provide for their heirs while simultaneously avoiding inheritance taxes. It may also be used to support a variety of philanthropic organizations. By exploiting the cash value and prospective tax-free access to life insurance funds, it may be used as a backup pool of financing for retirement. This is a less popular life insurance application since most people associate annuities with retirement savings.

When we discuss life insurance, we’re referring to universal life policies that provide a tax-free death benefit and may also include a cash value component. You will be given a quote for a premium. This bonus is divided into parts. A portion of it is used to maintain the death benefit, while the rest is utilized to increase the cash value. This cash value may then be utilized to borrow against, cash out, pay premiums, and roll into new policies.

How would you want your money to grow? fixed, variable, or index?

Whether you’re buying a fixed index annuity or a life insurance policy, the impact on your income will vary. With an annuity, you’ll be able to earn more money when the payments start and have more significant account balances and death benefits. Some grants have an “income rider” that ensures a certain rate of increase on the “income value,” which ultimately decides how much money you’ll get.



Index Universal Life (IUL)

Gain Compound Interest With Us!

Compound interest is the wonder of the financial world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.

Many people don’t understand compound interest and its importance to their success. Compound interest is when you earn interest on your principal plus the accumulated interest from previous periods. This is different from simple interest, which is only earned on your principle.

Compound interest is one of the most potent financial techniques and is responsible for the success of many people, including Walt Disney, JC Penney, and Ray Kroc. If you’re not earning compound interest, then you’re losing money.

The stock market is not ideal for making money or saving for retirement. Learn about how to generate tax-free income money and income protection. Call us to learn more about the secret of wealth they don’t want you to know.

What You’ll Discover With Us?

Millionaires know how to make money work for them – and now you can too. With the right investment strategies, you can make money without paying taxes on it. And, by learning from millionaires, you can put your own money-making strategies to work.

There are a few key ways that millionaires make money without paying taxes. One is by investing in assets that appreciate in value, such as stocks or insurance. Another is by setting up trusts and other legal entities that allow them to transfer wealth to their heirs without paying estate taxes. And, of course, they avoid paying management fees by handling their money themselves.

You can do all of these things too. You can make your money work for you by learning from millionaires and avoiding paying taxes. So start putting your finest investment strategies to work today and build your own fortune. Get in touch with our experts now!

What you will learn with us:

  • How the rich employ this vehicle to amass greater money, take fewer risks, and generate income that they can’t outlive.
  • Why do banks and companies invest billions in such a strong vehicle?
  • How can you lay a secure, predictable basis for your financial decisions?
  • How can you beat taxes and keep more of your earnings?
  • Have over 300 percent returns leveraging of life insurance policies.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Access to treatment and quality services can enhance 20 percent of a person’s health and well-being. This may not be a complex undertaking, but many individuals do not have reliable, safe transportation to their medical appointments. This is where we can help.

Our non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) helps our customers get to their appointments, whether they are or when they are scheduled. We provide access.

We also provide supportive care solutions by offering non-emergency medical transportation and special need transportation services to our clients—ensuring their optimal health and safety. While some people receive dialysis treatments three times a week at the same location, others may require the aid of numerous healthcare experts. We work with our clients to guarantee that they reach the site quickly and safely. We are devoted to serving members with compassion and expertise.

Special Need Transportation Services

Trait of Lioness provides customized transportation solutions that prioritize quality and safety for day treatment plans, partial hospitalization programs, and other programs supporting people with special needs.

Our extensive vehicle fleet offers ongoing transportation for people with special needs and collaborates with our clients to provide transportation as needed. Every day, we transport people with special needs, delayed intellectual or developmental capabilities, and other impairments with care to their respective destinations.

  • Every driver is subjected to regular background checks and performance evaluations.
  • We provide customized, program-specific driver instruction.
  • To promote communication, we schedule guardian meetings.
  • We use onboard cameras to keep an eye on drivers and people.